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The Cake Snob...

One who cares about the cake they consume.  They taste every ingredient and the savor every sweet bite.

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We Are Ageless

Sweet Tables

Perfect for any occasion! Dessert Tables are a great way to allow your guests to sample several smaller sweets instead of just a one slice of cake! You can have a small cake for a centerpiece if you like, and surround it with a variety of treats! We can color coordinate any of our desserts to go with your theme or colors of your event if you like. We can make custom logos for dessert toppers too!

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You Can't Stop Thinking About

Beautiful Cakes

What do people love almost as much as a new baby? Why, throwing a baby shower of course! Baby showers are a chance for ladies to gather around the mom to be and offer advice, support and those many necessities newborns need upon arrival. If you’re hosting a baby shower, there is plenty to think about, from favors and decor' to invites and food. And don’t forget about that cake! Cakes for baby shower parties are a key part of this rite of passage, and not something to be overlooked.

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